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Bowie the hairless cat at Hawleywood's SLOP
Photograph: Yael Stempler


"Rhys mostly needs me to jump into customer's laps"

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Do you need a haircut or a close shave? Have you ever wanted to meet a hairless cat? If you answered yes we suggest you head to Hawleywood’s. Resident Sphynx cat Bowie, a delightful young lass, will sort you out and have you considering spending up to two grand for your own hairless helper.

Lovely to meet you Bowie. I love what you’ve done with your hair.

Hey, thanks! Nice to meet you too. But I haven’t done anything to it, I was born this way.

Were you named after the late, great David Bowie?

I was. My boss, Rhys, is a big Bowie fan, and when he saw my different coloured eyes he knew exactly what to name me. We were both gutted when he died. It was just too soon.

How long have you worked at Hawleywood’s?

Rhys took me in about nine months ago, and taught me how to be an old-school barber. You don’t see many female barbers, and I like that I’m a bit rare.

What’s your main job?

Rhys mostly needs me to jump into customers’ laps and crawl underneath their capes. He’s too tall to do it himself.

We’ve heard you have a special trick that makes you even more rare. Can you tell us about it?

Well, I don’t want to brag, but... no, I’ll sound too full of myself!

No you won’t. We promise.

OK, well, Rhys has trained me to meow on command.

Really? Can you show us?

Rhys: Bowie! Meow for me.

Bowie: Meow.

That’s super impressive.

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