Brain Candy Live

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Adam Savage on stage at Brain Candy Live
Photograph: Matt Christine Photography

There’s not a Bunsen burner or periodic table in sight at this explosive live science show

After a whole summer of lazing on the beach, jump-start your brain in this live science show packed with explosive experiments, interactive demonstrations and newfangled toys and tricks hosted by former myth buster Adam Savage and YouTube star Michael Stevens. The pair are somewhat rockstars of the pop science world – MythBusters ran for 14 seasons, while Stevens’ channel VSauce, which answers questions like “what if everyone jumped at once?” and “what colour is a mirror?”, has 12.5 million subscribers.

They’ve shipped over three tonnes of gadgets from their 40-city US tour for a show that combines entertainment with education, explaining scientific concepts with whizz-bang flair. Audience members will be straining their arms in hopes of being picked as test subjects or assistants, whether they’re 3D printing a human live on stage or demonstrating how to slow down the effects of gravity with everyday objects.

All in all, it’s a wholesome few hours that’ll get minds buzzing with enthusiasm for science in a way Mr Grimshaw in fourth period never could.


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