Conversation Starters: Truth or Dare

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Identify truth in a world of mass information, miscommunication and ulterior motivations

This weekend of workshops, poetry slams, games and panel discussions will stretch the bounds of reality, asking you to challenge what you consider to be true and unveil truths you’ve kept hidden, as you sift through facts and experiences in an attempt to find objectivity.

This is the second time the Museum of Contemporary Art has hosted the intriguing event, and this time the activities are inspired by their current exhibition by young contemporary Chinese artist, Sun Xun, whose work often challenges the manipulation of accepted histories.

Over two days, you can get involved in unusual activities, like recording in a confession booth the lies you told your parents as a child, or sharing a lie in written form on the Moment of Truth Wall that you wish you’d come clean about earlier. These kind of experiences or a stroll around Sun Xun’s 40-metre glowing phosphorescent artwork don’t require prior booking and are open to the open-minded of all ages.

But there’s also more structured free and ticketed events. The lightning talks will teach you how to detect untruths and craft an expert lie, while the chatter workshop helps you discern between fake news and attempts at legitimate reporting as you recraft news stories to suit your own agenda. There will also be discussions addressing the impact of inauthentic Indigenous art, poetry-led tours around the gallery and interactive lectures on the ethics of truth and the intersection of myths, storytelling and reality.

If you’re particularly hungry for the truth, there’s also a dinner on the Saturday night that will provoke some lively discussion about history and trust while you explore an unusual menu.

By: Olivia Gee


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