Down the Rabbit Hole: Virtual Reality at the Hub

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Man wearing virtual reality headset
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Truly immerse yourself in the action

Sydney Film Festival is offering a new experience at the Hub this year – a chance to try on virtual reality sets like Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift. Dive straight in to the streets of Havana in ‘A History of Cuban Dance’, go or put yourself on stage with Sydney Dance Company in ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’. 

Explore the life of a cattle farmer and saddle bronco rider in Australia in ‘Warwick Gold-Australian Rodeo’, or follow Alice down the rabbit hole ‘Fabulous Wonder Land’. In ‘Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness’ you can experience what it’s like to be blind, daredevil style. Other experiences include visiting a haunting asylum in ‘Madeleine’, and trying the first VR animation, drawn by hand, in ‘Drawing Room’.

There are nine virtual reality films to try, and it’s free to play on a first-come-first-served basis during opening times (see ‘Dates and Times’ tab). Plus, there’ll be a free panel discussion (Sat Jun 11, noon-2pm) featuring writer Mike Jones and the filmmakers from each of the VR experiences: Matthew Bate, Amy Nelson, Martin Taylor and Piers Mussared. 

By: Tim Hamer

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