#FindYourMagic photoshoot

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#FindYourMagic photoshoot

Menfolk of Sydney, come and reveal the secret sauce that makes you, well, you

What makes a man? Is it his big muscles? His fat paycheck? His ability to breathe underwater? No, no, and almost certainly no. A man is made from whatever the hell he wants. 

As part of their powerful new #FindYourMagic campaign, top male grooming brand LYNX are heading out onto the streets of Sydney to celebrate men of all stripes – and dots, and squiggles. They've recruited one of Time Out's favourite street style photographers, Giuseppe Santamaria of Men In This Town, to help them do it. 

Whether your magic is the gap between your front teeth, your incredible kicks, or just that twinkle in your eye, LYNX want to know about it, and document it. Come star in a shoot with Giuseppe at one of four locations around Sydney, and show your magic to the world. 

If you come along, you'll also get to be one of the first to sample LYNX's new range of fragrances (we're partial to the oud wood inspired scent). They've just launched, so get in early.

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