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 (Photograph: Gaffa Creative Precinct)
Photograph: Gaffa Creative Precinct
 (Photograph: Gaffa Creative Precinct)
Photograph: Gaffa Creative Precinct
 (Photograph: Gaffa Creative Precinct)
Photograph: Gaffa Creative Precinct

Gain insight into the world of bespoke jewellery with demonstrations, bench sales and a rooftop party

The Gaffa Creative Precinct are opening their doors and rolling out the welcome mat to the public for a luxurious one-day event.

Visitors will get to participate in bench sales and pay direct sale prices on all of the Gaffa resident's handcrafted jewellery. You’ll also get a sneak peek at new collections and have the chance to buy original designer samples. Still not luxurious enough for you? Lingerie brand B.Privé are there to kit you out in their bespoke silk fineries.

The precinct has been turning out jewellery for over ten years, everything from simple everyday pieces to custom engagement and wedding rings. If you’re more interested in the craft rather than the creations (to each their own) you can also watch Sydney jewellers like Felix Gill, Melanie Ihnen and Daniel Cap work their magic at various sessions throughout the day. Those wanting to kick on at the end of the day are invited to Gaffa's rooftop for drinks between 5-8pm. 


Event phone: 02 9283 4273
Event website:
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