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Tackle your demons and tap into your creativity with a mindfulness course

The creative process can be an isolating and soul destroying experience. When you have to be creative professionally, the tools of the trade can include doubt, a steady diet of processed food and maybe a bit of floundering. Working effectively can depend on a healthy mindset.

The Indigo Project, an organisation that aims to spread balance and mindfulness to the community, is offering an eight-week program to help you find your creative groove. The course will assist you to ‘Get Your Shit Together’ and deal with topics like procrastination, self-esteem, performance anxiety and fear of failure.

The program costs $595, which is really quite a lot – but the fee includes three therapy sessions with a creative consultant or psychologist if you have a valid care plan with your GP.

It’s facilitated by founder and head psychologist of the Indigo Project, Mary Hoang, who specialises in neuroplasticity (the study of remoulding your mind over time) and teacher, poet and artist Bettany Smith. The program looks to nurture and nourish your creative potential, drawing on creativity, life skills, well being and awareness. The course also claims to help develop your artistic and communicative skills, helping you to create a project to work on throughout the course.

By: Shon Ho

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