Gut Health: Science Talk and Kombucha Workshop

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Woman uses blender.
Photograph: John Palermo

Learn how to be kinder to your gut and ferment your way to healthy living

Just how much kombucha and kimchi should we be consuming to counteract the weekend’s wine and choccy binge? Is a plant-based diet really the best thing for our bodies? How much fibre is too much? These are the kind of questions they’ll be cracking at this free Sydney Science Festival talk, before leading the audience in a kombucha workshop.

You’ll get to know SCOBY – symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, not a groovy cartoon dog – which is where all the fermented yeasty goodness of kombucha is born (aka the mother). You can experiment with seasonal flavourings and learn to cultivate your own mother at home, ready to impress your most resourceful and sustainable friends.

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