International Chicken Wing Day at Smoky Sue’s Barbecue

Things to do, Food and drink Free
Smoky Sues basket of wings and jug of beer
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[Sponsored] A North Shore smokehouse is giving away 2000 wings

Neutral Bay's very own house of barbecue is gearing up for a clucking good time this International Chicken Wing Day by giving away a cool 2000 chicken wings. Smoky Sue's will be cooking up thousands of wings for the chicken devoted day, and there will also be live music, free merchandise and a saucy wing eating competition (where you can win a year's supply of wings).

All you have to do is head in, order up anything from the menu – be it a Young Henry's beer, a mac'n'cheese bomb or a brisket burger – then you'll get a basket of free wings (per person). There after wings are just $5 for 12, and the rest of Smoky Sue's red hot menu will be available all day.

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