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Jeffrey the poodle at Surry Cutters for Hair SLOP
Photograph: Yael Stempler

Jeffrey, Muriel, Alfred, Felix and Coco

The other dogs at the park always tell us how cool we look.

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Rivalling Taylor Swift and her model mates, this posse of poodles might be the best squad around. Salon owner and poodle matriarch, Sylvia, granted us time with her canine children for a chat about salon life. 

Poodles, do you all work every day?

Jeffrey: Some of us are full-time and some of us are part-time, depending on how busy it is. Sylvia does the rosters so we have to check every week to see our schedules.

What do you do at the salon?

Felix: Oh, the usual. Bark at people walking by, sit in customers’ laps, sleep on chairs.

Coco: Jeffrey thinks he’s the boss.

Jeffrey: I do not!

Alfred: Yeah, you do.

Some of you have pretty wild hair. Is that a perk of working in a hair salon?

Muriel: Sometimes Sylvia needs hair models and most of us are happy to volunteer.

Alfred: It’s fun being pink or purple or blue! The other dogs at the park always tell us how cool we look.

How do you spend your free time?

Muriel: We love going to cafés, but Sylvia says we get too excited and won’t sit still so we’re not allowed any more. I miss my skim lattes.

Coco: Our favourite activity is going for a run at Moore Park or Sydney Park. It’s how we keep our slim figures.

Alfred: Don’t forget the beach, guys. We all love splashing in the water and burrowing in the sand.

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