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Get a taste for Japan's tropical prefecture in an interactive pop-up exhibition

You've probably heard by now that the people of Okinawa have the longest lives of anyone on earth. But do you have any idea what those lives look like? 

Did you know, for instance, that Okinawa is not one island, but 150? Or that some of Okinawa's tropical environs look more like Hawaii than Hokkaido? 

We certainly didn't. Until we discovered 'Life by Okinawa', a pop-up exhibition on Chippendale's Kensington Street that recreates a slice of life in this charming archipelago.

Wander through the gallery space to discover artifacts unique to the region; chill out in an indoor garden room, which features native Okinawan vegetation and help yourself to their tea tasting station and a Chinsuko cookie. 

Of course, you don't live till 105 by simply sitting around. Okinawans are very active, and you can experience that at the pop-up too. Okinawa is the birthplace of karate, and they have daily classes with karate master Akihito Yagi for the duration of their visit. The pop-up also offers yin yoga classes and guided meditations. There are even life coaching sessions on offer. 

The Life by Okinawa exhibition is open free from 11am to 8pm every day, and they encourage you to come in on your lunch break for a quick de-stress, or for a weekend yoga session. Class times are as follows:

Saturday February 4

2:30pm – Yin Yoga (30 mins)

4:00pm - Karate Class (30 mins)

4:30pm – Karate Demonstration

6pm – Karate Class (30 mins)

Sunday February 5

12:30pm – Karate Class (30 mins)

5:30pm – Yin Yoga (30 mins)

6:45pm – Karate Class (30 mins)

 Monday February 6

12:30pm – Karate Class

6pm – 30 mins of Yoga and 30 mins of Meditation

7pm – Karate Class (30 mins)

Tuesday February 7

12:30pm – Karate Class (30 mins)

6pm – Lifestyle coaching (30 mins) 

7pm – Karate Class (30 mins)

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