Life on Mars: The 2020 Rover Mission

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Life on Mars Sydney Science Festival
Photograph: Supplied

Hear from a panel of NASA scientists and astrophysicists as they discuss the upcoming robotic mission and the potential for life on the Red Planet

Have you ever wondered what life on a different planet would be like or if there was any other form of life somewhere other than the Earth?

For National Science Week, UNSW Big Questions Institute and the Sydney Opera House are collaborating to cover the biggest questions about how Australian scientists are forming NASA’s 2020 mission to Mars.

Join a panel of NASA scientists and astrophysicists such as Dr Graham Phillips (previously of ABC Catalyst), professor Paul Davies (British theoretical physicist and astrobiologist from Arizona State University), Dr Abigail Allwood (field geologist from NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory), Dr Mitchell D. Schulte (geochemist and a NASA Mars 2020 rover mission program scientist) and professor Martin Van Kranendonk (an Australian astrobiologist and UNSW professor) as they talk about the potential for life on Mars.

By: Mika Nakamura