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Mission Sydney

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Mission Sydney

Time Out says

Enter the Vampire’s lair

Found between a Vodaphone shop and a TAB, this back-room set up is proof that you don’t need a big budget to produce a captivating escape room. Our games master is bouncing from the walls with excitement for us, and the bowl of free Minties is a nice touch. ‘Only three clues’ we read on the preparation sheet. Yikes.

Blindfolded and led into the Vampire Room, we're told to clasp our hands onto the metal rail. “Don’t look,” she says. “Not until I leave the room.” Hot with anticipation we rip off the blindfolds to face an empty bed – a vampire’s cloak laid out on the sheets. One player gives out a shriek. We’ve entered a medieval castle and we need to solve the supernatural mystery.

Still spooked, we search for clues under the bed, on the tables and in the cracks of the room. Four lonely hooks stick out on the walls – what are they for?

With just two players, we quickly work our way through the cryptic puzzles and onto the next room. We’ve never seen laser beams before – how cool! With trepidation, we drop things into water, dodge lasers, do our best Game of Thrones impressions – all in what feels like record time. At the final post we’re held up by loose screws and inaudible hints across the radio. But we make it out, with eight minutes to spare. And as sweat glistens on our brows, it’s official: we’re addicted.

Outcome: Success!
Creativity of puzzles: 
Best quote: “I’d never make it out alive in real life” 
Our tip: If something doesn’t work, keep looking. Split up and search the room.

Written by Emma Joyce


Suite 301
2/332 Pitt Street
Opening hours:
Mon-Sun 10am-10pm
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