Murder at the Museum

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Chalk outline of body with clue labels
Photograph: Ilbusca

Time to whip out your magnifying glass, there’s a murder to be solved

After the success of Murder at the Museum back in May, the Australian Museum is hosting another game of adults-only, murder mystery fun. This time guests will have to uncover the truth of why and where a missing object has gone from the Museum’s collection.  

Guests will team up for a quest of whodunnit, going on a mission through the Museum’s public and private spaces in search of clues. Once the object has been found and the game has come to an end, guests are invited to dine at the Museum’s rooftop restaurant, No. 1 William. You have the option of either two courses ($35) or three courses ($45) and the menu will inclide charred prawns, smoked eggplant and wilted warrigal greens, Cone Bay barramundi and fennel, citrus, couscous salad.

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