Murder Mystery at Sea

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Inside the Navy Destroyer HMAS Vampire at the Australian National Maritime Museum.
Photograph: Kate Pentecost

Time Out says

Follow the SOS call and crack codes at this escape room-style experience on an Australian Navy destroyer

Code cracking, clock watching, cipher decoding wizzes will get a huge thrill out of this murder mystery experience created by the Australian National Maritime Museum. 

Styled like an escape room, Murder Myster at Sea takes place at night on the appropriately spooky Royal Australian Navy ship, the Navy Destroyer HMAS Vampire. The scene is set in the Cold War era, and players take on the characters of an elite unit tasked with investigating a series of mysterious deaths. 

You’re told it’s been 48 hours since an SOS call went out stating all the ships officers had died, alongside an encoded message. It’s your task to decipher the clues and codes and figure out who is responsible for the crews grisly demise.

This unusual experience will only run for four days this September. The spooky 90-minute games are limited to investigators over the age of 18.


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