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Pia the Staffordshire Bull Terrier at Koru Framing Studio SLOP
Photograph: Yael Stempler


"I'm required to hang outside the shop for most of the day"

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If you’ve walked along Enmore Road, you’ve probably passed Staffordshire Bull Terrier Pia, who works at Koru Framing. Owner of Koru, Kerry Ratcliffe, says the friendly Staffy is “the most famous dog in Enmore.” We were lucky to score an interview with her, and we’re happy to report that fame hasn’t gone to her head.

Koru, how long have you worked at Koru framing?

Well, let me see, it must be going on ten years now. Wow ten years. Time really flies, doesn’t it?

What are your main duties here?

My job description says I’m required to hang outside the show for most of the day, saying hello to everyone and making people smile. I also sometimes get the mail from the postie and take it to Kerry. I get a treat if  do that so I try and do it everyday.

Are the customers nice to you?

Super nice. Some even pop in just to say hello to me. And there’s a group of them that come every week and always bring me treats and toys?

Do you have any hobbies?

Oh, just the usual. Chasing sticks, running around, eating human food.

What else do you do in your spare time?

I like it when Kerry lets me wander the streets without a leash. He’s a good boss like that. I also love swimming. Kerry sometimes takes me to Yarra Bay Beach for a splash and a sand run. That’s my absolute favourite thing to do. 

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