Privacy is Not for Children

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Should kids have privacy online?

It’s not only parents who worry about the age of the internet and the risks involved for the most vulnerable in our society. It only takes one horror story before children and adults are weighing up how they live out their lives online. One of the questions the Ethics Centre would like to debate is whether or not children should have the right to privacy online.

Currently, children are not granted privacy in other areas of their lives, such as doctor confidentiality, so is it OK for parents to be able to track their children using apps that are designed with safety in mind? Is it fair?

The panel of speakers are Susan McLean from Cyber Safety Solutions; Liz Walker – a sexuality educator and managing director of Youth Wellbeing Project; Max Koslowski – a year 12 school student and talented debater; technology writer and academic Suelette Dreyfus; philosopher and editor of The Conversation Tim Dean; and Beatrice Duong, a fourth year science and biomedicine student. 

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