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This intriguing discussion series will unpack artificial intelligence

The UNSW Centre for Ideas has planned this series of investigative talks about artificial intelligence (AI) as part of the international robotics and technology competition, RoboCup. While designers and engineers show off their AI creations and their skills on the robot-only soccer field (this competitive league is the centre of RoboCup), curious minds will head to these three talks.

The first is RoboEthics, which will look into how we should regulate our brave new robotic world, and if it isn’t already too late to set boundaries around the development of AI and its proliferation in general society. It will consider the development of sentience and the ethical rights of robots in some big-question discussions between UNSW AI expert Toby Walsh, researcher Kate Devlin, philosopher Matthew Beard and legal ethicist Justine Rogers.

Next up, RoboWarfare will investigate the relationship between the tech industry and military, and what autonomous lethal weapons might mean for the future of conflict and public safety. Law professor Lyria Bennett Moses and autonomous weapons systems researcher Jai Galliott will join Walsh to deliberate over the potential benefits and ethical quandaries.

The final talk, RoboReveal, will see a collection of academics and experts discussion the future of AI, and what we can expect beyond Siri and self-driving cars.


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