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A group of people drinking and eating at tables under an awning
Photograph: Mitchell Wade

Get down to the Rocks for oysters and Oktoberfest festivities

Picture this, a sunny spring afternoon sipping Guinness and vanishing oysters... sounds pretty good to us, and it only gets better when you add a craft beer adventure into the mix. This October the Rocks is hosting Rocks-Toberfest, which will be hosting two major spring fling events. The Australian Heritage hotel will be holding the 12th annual Australian beer festival which will sort you out for your craft beer needs over the weekend. Tickets are $37.57 and that gets you 10 tasting coupons and a glass. Then on Sunday the Mercantile Hotel will be featuring two Irish greats, oysters and Guinness. It's kind of like the spirit of Oktoberfest with an Irish and Australian accent. 


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