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Skepticon Australia
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Fight back against fake science, fear-mongering and alternative facts

Join some of the biggest names in science as they debunk the quackery of our modern times with evidence, critical thinking and a big ol’ BS-detector at this two-day festival for skeptics.

From paleo diets to paranormal activity, this festival will cover pseudoscience and its damaging effects with an army of astronomers, doctors and communicators at City Recital Hall.

Host of National Geographic’s Brain Games and self-described ‘wonder junkie’ Jason Silva will be presenting his show Awestruck, where he runs through, in signature rapid-fire style, the most game-changing ideas of our age to explain how theories expand and evolve.

In Confessions of a Former Naturopath, Britt Hermes promises to unpack the deception, hyperbole and pseudo-profundity used by practitioners to promote unproven and often dangerous treatments in the name of alternative medicine, while Alan Melikdjanian, who’s made a name for himself debunking internet hoaxes on YouTube under the moniker Captain Disillusion, teaches audiences how to separate online fact from fakery.

Plenty of our favourite home-grown science personalities will also be there – Swinburne astrophysicist professor Alan Duffy brings us all back to earth by debunking the hype around Mars travel, while UX researcher Ruth Ellison talks about growing up in and escaping from a religious cult. Radio host Adam Spencer, Dr Karl (of course) and Embarrassing Bodies Down Under host Brad McKay will also be presenting over the weekend.

By: Juliana Yu


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