Stuff You Should Know: Live

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Josh Clark and Charles 'Chuck' Bryant.
Photograph: Supplied

Learn a little and laugh a lot as you witness this wacky podcast unfold on stage

Stuff You Should Know doesn’t discriminate when it comes to discussing, well, stuff. This internationally loved podcast explores every avenue of humanity’s curiosity, from discovering what Spam is made of, to uncovering the truth about King Arthur and understanding how motion sickness works.

The show’s gregarious creators and hosts, Josh Clark and Chuck (Charles) Bryant, will bring their humourous brand of researched-based information sharing to the Enmore Theatre on September 6 as part of their Australia and New Zealand tour. The precisie subject of the evening is yet to be revealed, but whether you’re a science fan, history buff, or obsessed with disco dance moves, roll the dice and let Josh and Chuck take you on an informative adventure.

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