Terry Virts On Perspective and Our Beautiful Planet

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Terry Virts Astronaut Photographer
Photograph: Supplied

Hear from one of only four astronauts to pilot the NASA space shuttle

The International Space Station (ISS) travels at seven kilometres a second, orbiting the Earth every 90 minutes. It travels navigates the globe 16 times in a day, which means anyone aboard learns a lot about what our planet looks like.

Former Commander of the ISS, Terry Virts, is one of these people. He flew on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, took three spacewalks, and gave the Vulcan salute from space to honour Leonard Nimoy’s passing last year.

Virts will be sharing his photographs and video footage from his time in low-Earth orbit in a talk at the School of Life. He’ll give audiences a taste of life in space and remind us that we are really, really small.

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