The Money

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The Money
Photograph: Steve Tanner

Get involved in this interactive performance piece that looks at the power of money

The Money is a participatory theatre experience from UK group Kaleider that encourages players to decide on how to spend a pot of real cash. Set to a strict time limit, the entire premise puts collective decision making and democracy to the test.

As a group, you’ll be able to spend the money however you want; the only rule is that the decision must be unanimous (and it has to be within the law). There will be two ways to participate: as a silent witness or as a player. Witnesses can choose to stay out of the game, or decide at any point to join the game by putting cash on the table.

Hitting the Sydney Opera House for Antidote Festival the game plays on themes of civic decision making and responsibility of wealth. The Money has been played across the world, including in the UK Houses of Parliament, Edinburgh City Chambers and Lisbon City Hall.

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