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The people all men need to listen to

When it comes to what you need to know, when you need to know it or more importantly what you want to know although you didn’t even know it.

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The people all men need to be listening to

Undoubtedly one of the most hilarious Australian podcasts around, Bring A Plate with Peter and Bec promises to “present all the pop culture issues important to you, especially if you live in the mid-to-late nineties.” It’s a fortnightly comedic offering that covers pop-culture from an Australian perspective, including important topics of great importance like vegan memes, Britney Spears’ Crossroads, Eurovision, and the underrated film ‘Love Actually’. One of their recent episodes even featured a Passiona vs Pasito blind taste test. Truly, there can be no better litmus test for how well this show caters to the passions of millennial down under than that.

Are Australian men confident to be themselves? And what do Aussie women want them to be? Backed up by research from male grooming brand LYNX, listen as local legends Chris Taylor, Peter FitzSimons, Joel Creasey, Kate Peck, Tim Blackwell and Jo Pretyman dissect some of the issues facing modern men, in a once-off special. Hear surprisingly intimate reflections - especially from Creasey - and even a bit of poetry courtesy of FitzSimons, in this unpredictable, charming and ultimately insightful slice of audio.


Looking for politics? Look no further than The Silent Majority. It’s produced by Alice Workman of Buzzfeed and Rob Harris from the Herald Sun, and covers Australian politics from north to south. Each episode has a special guest from the hallowed halls of Aussie politics, too, with past guests including politicians Bruce Billson, Cathy McGowan, Wyatt Roy, and Richard Di Natale. But fear not if dry politics aren’t for you — as well as being informative, this podcast is light-hearted and has some really funny moments. They cover every angle imaginable, from parliament fashion to more serious stuff.

You may know Osher Gunsberg by ‘Andrew G’ — the fame name he used as the hunky (very hunky) face of Australian Idol and Channel [V]. But there’s more to this man than a catchy name, a swish getup, and devilish good looks. He’s also a fantastic conversationalist, as evidenced by his aptly titled podcast The Osher Gunsberg Podcast. Each week, he talks to a notable Australian about their life — the good, the bad, and the bloody fascinating — like Lauren Miller Cilento (the CEO of HMMG, the biggest talent management agency in Australia), sports scientist Brandon Hasick, and romance novelist Rachael Johns.


Inspired by the very successful ‘Humans of New York’ blog, Australian podcaster Steve Molk created Humans of Twitter. As you may have guessed (or already know if you’re a real podcast enthusiast), the regular series focuses on the people behind the most popular and divisive tweets coming out of Australia. Molk says he created Humans of Twitter with a very simple idea in mind — to humanize the people behind those 140word statements, to understand the real humans shaping online discussion. It’s a noble idea, and a fascinating podcast. Enjoy!

One of most fun (and most useful!) podcasts coming out of Australia is Ingredipedia. It’s hosted by Emily Naismith of Emoji Food Review and Ben Birchall of Smith Journal, so you know it’s gonna be good. Each episode they present out-of-this-world facts and anecdotes about a particular ingredient — be it corn, chocolate, potato or mint — and then ask you to vote on the most peculiar and fascinating. It’s a food fight, every episode, with some seriously weird facts and stories thrown out there. You can vote and find out more by checking them out on instagram — @ingredipedia — which is pretty visually appealing too. Don’t tune in on an empty stomach though or you’ll be pausing to order some overloaded pizzas part way through.


The last but not least of the podcasts we recommend is Reckoner — the weekly news and technology show hosted by Peter Wells of Fairfax media. He invites in-the-know techno-geeks to appear on each episode, and they discuss and evaluate all things new and weird and techy. It’s fascinating stuff, whether you’re a total techhead or just like being exposed to what’s going on in the world. The podcast and their blog covers everything from Tesla to DOOM to Oculus Rift... Everything of interest to anyone interested in tech through the lens of pop-culture, business and more.

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