Tins of Glory

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People tossing beer cans
Photograph: Supplied

It's curling, but for beer enthusiasts

You know curling, that winter sport where you have to slide the puck along the ice and someone else polishes it to ensure maximum slippage? Imagine that but with beer cans and you've got an idea of what Tins of Glory is all about. For Sydney Beer Week Balter brewing are hosting  abeer hurling contest where teams of two get 20 seconds to slide four tinnies down a six-metre long bench and land closest to the target. The highest score progresses to the next round. If you fancy your skills at pub sports you can book a team slot  to try your hand at winning a Balter pack valued at $1000, flights to Good Beer Week, Melbourne 2018 to compete at the World Championships, and glory. So. Much. Glory.


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