Transport Heritage Expo

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Transport Heritage Expo
Photograph: Supplied

Spend the long weekend on a journey into Sydney’s transport history

Ever wondered what it would be like to ride on a steam train, eating scones while you watch drivers shovel coal into a smoky furnace? Well now's your chance at this weekend's Transport Heritage Expo at Central Station. Take the whole family on a variety of historical modes of transportation with a two steam train race through the Inner Western suburbs to Strathfield, a vintage bus ride around the CBD or Devonshire Tea aboard the 1960s locomotive ‘the Southern Aurora’. You can also take a rare opportunity to see inside the gothic-looking Mortuary Station, a nineteenth-century funeral platform where mourners and bodies started their journey to Rookwood Cemetary. Powerhouse museum will also be hosting an exhibition and panel talk, for one day only, of railway photography and art exploring a number of styles, techniques, periods and generations of locomotive history. Most of the fun is free, but rides on the vintage vehicles range from gold coin donation to $35. Climb aboard, train lovers!   

By: Mika Nakamura


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