Two Up Talk Series

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Two Up talk series 2017 live image 01 at Cake Wines Chippendale image courtesy Two Up photographer credit Tim da-Rin
Photograph: Tim da-Rin Two Up at Cake Wines

Think outside the box and engage in stimulating conversation at Two Up Talks

The talk series Two Up presents audiences with two back-to-back lectures on very different topics, each presented by an expert in that topic. Each talk is 15 minutes, and at the end of the evening there's a Q&A session.

Nerida Ross started the event in response to the era of hyper-specialisation we're living in: "These days it's possible to learn so much about one thing that you forget everything else you were ever interested in," she explains. "I used to care about history, and now all I think about is emerging contemporary art in Sydney.

"I think it's nice to have an opportunity to learn about something that's completely outside our area of expertise."

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