Whomp Off

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Bodysurfers having their photograph taken at Whomp Off
Photograph: Supplied

Time Out says

Who needs a surfboard when you can body surf?

Yes, those surfers at Bondi look pretty cool. But you know what might be even cooler? Surfing sans board, as those 140 souls entering Australia's largest bodysurfing competition are doing. 

The event is free for the public to come watch, and there will be a free barbecue and body gear available to try and buy.

So what are you looking for in bodysurfing? The bodysurfer should choose the best wave, ride as fast as possible for the longest amount of time, and ride with control, grace, style and power. 

Bodysurfers don't use boards, but they can use swim fins and hand planes (to help guide them) if they want.

It will be an all-around good day out at the beach, so slip, slop, slap and hang ten.


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