Win a cheese making, photography or life drawing lesson, held in a stunning urban forest

A crumbling hotel, overrun by nature, will form the dramatic backdrop to a day of workshops and classes
Stoneleigh Hotel competition
Time Out Promotions |

If you’ve ever hungered to make your own cheeses, wanted to sharpen your photographic eye, or been curious about exploring the human form through life drawing, now is the chance to upskill in a breathtaking setting.

Thanks to Stoneleigh Wines and Work-Shop, Time Out is hosting a series of classes in a truly unique location. It’s an abandoned inner-city hotel that has been totally overrun by nature, at 48 Kensington St, Chippendale (next to Spice Alley). Stones line the floor, vines hang from the ceiling, and great hunks of moss tumble from any available surface. If an urban forest isn’t enough to unleash your inner creativity, there’ll also be complimentary wild fermented drops of Marlborough pinot noir and sauvignon blanc by Stoneleigh on hand to help your process.

Classes will be held on Sunday November 20 and are valued $30-$80 each (though the venue makes them priceless). To enter, simply fill out your details and choose your preferred class before 10am, November 15.