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Just because you're a muggle doesn't mean you can't enjoy a frothy Butterbeer

If you've been staring at your Hogwarts cloak costume forlornly, opening and closing your wand drawer with a sigh and wondering when you can take it out on the town, then you're in luck. The Metro Theatre is about to be flooded with like-minded, enthusiastic Potter-heads for one-night only. Serving up themed drinks in collectible goblets, Wizardfest is the all night rager you've been waiting for. There'll be a bar plying thuirsty witches and wizards with Butterbeer, Firey Whiskey and Potent Potions, as well as prizes for the most magically dressed attendees. You don't even need a letter of invitation, muggles are also welcome. Expelliarmus yourself from the couch and get down there.   


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