Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters

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Explore the complex spiritual pathways of Indigenous Australia in this dynamic exhibition

A bold new exhibition at National Museum of Australia in Canberra tackles the uniquely Indigenous Australian way of storytelling. Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters is an Indigenous-led showcase of more than 100 paintings, photographs, stories and objects, alongside state-of-the-art multimedia and interactive installations.

The collection will take you on a journey through Australia’s Central and Western deserts, via the ancestral saga of the Seven Sisters, as they traverse the continent from west to east, through three states, three deserts and across some 500,000km2.

Be immersed in images of Seven Sisters rock art from Cave Hill, South Australia via a state-of-the-art digital Domelab – the world’s highest resolution, travelling six-metre-wide dome. You will also see the transit of the Orion constellation and the Pleiades star cluster under this interactive installation.  

Other highlights include the Mullingarri Meddhung artist-in-residence program that will welcome the Tjanpi Desert Weavers, Maruku Arts, Martumili Artists and Warakurna Artists to the art centre hub; an immersive virtual reality experience; short film screenings; and pop-up talks. 

Developed by Indigenous elders, the exhibition preserves and treasures the stories of the world's oldest living people and seeks to connect all Australians with their ancient heritage.

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