Steele Point Cottage

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Your hosts are local park rangers and possums while your accommodation is a self-contained hut on the harbour foreshore. If going rustic doesn't bother you, it might just be the best sleep in the city.
From $330 per night (2 night minimum).


Venue name: Steele Point Cottage
Address: Sydney Harbour National Park
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My name is Raymond Morris.   Ivisited Neilson Park and climbed the steps to Steel Point to view Steel Point Cottage through the fence on 23rd October 2017 for the first time since World War 2.During the war years my brothers and I would spend some of the school summer holiday in the Steel Point Cottage which was the home of my grandmother’s sister and her husband Jack Pemberton, the house being provided by Jack Pemberton’s employers – the Neilson Park and Vaucluse House Trust.The house was shaded by a jungle of lantana growing from the rocky area beside the house.I remember the flush toilet with its high water tank and chain at the Rose Bay end of a nearby shed which still stands today but I expect that there is indoor plumbing today. On the way to and from the Neilson Park beach I would converse with the two bored soldiers manning a Bofors gun on the concrete gun emplacement that has been preserved.From Steel Point we could watch the tender opening the gate in the anti submarine barrierto allow the Manly Ferry to pass through.