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Mandarin Oriental, New York
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The best time to visit 12 of the world's hottest locations

Time it right and you can stretch your holiday dollars a whole lot further

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The list of places on your bucket list is getting longer every year. But fortunately, the start of the year is the start of a new set of overseas adventures for those of us with the travel bug. The price of accommodation can vary widely depending on when you visit a city, so have put together a thrifty travel guide for 2016 that highlights where you can get the most bang for your buck in any given month.

February – Hong Kong 
Hong Kong’s weather can be unpredictable so its dry, cool winters are the recommended time to visit. Although the city's most expensive week for accommodation falls over New Year's Eve, in just over one month the prices can fall by up to 37 per cent, making February the most economical time to visit. In the second week in Feb in 2015 the average cost of a hotel room was approximately $180 AUD per night.

March – Buenos Aires 
Some would say that Buenos Aires is at its best in March. Although it's just autumn, the weather is still warm enough to leave your jumper at home. Plus the city's calendar is packed with free events and street markets, on top of an always slamming culinary scene. And there's no need to rough it - the average cost of four-star accommodation during the first week of March in 2015 was just $80, which is a whopping 30 per cent cheaper than the city’s most expensive periods. Cha-ching!

April – San Francisco 
Spring has sprung in April, which makes it an excellent time to investigate the historic and cultural wonderland that is San Francisco, California. Now is your chance to pick up vintage treasures in the Mission, wander past the hippies in Haight Ashbury, stay up late dancing then crash out in your four star digs. On average they'll cost you $295. If that doesn't seem cheap, it's actually a 50 per cent saving on the city's most expensive week.

May - London 
Cards on the table: London will never be a cheap getaway. We know it stings but it's true. However it doesn't have to break the bank either. Travelling outside of peak season sees the sky-high accommodation rates ease off dramatically. The city comes back to life in Spring with sunshine and outdoor events, and you can get amongst it for approximately $305 per night, which is 25 per cent less than during peak travel times. 

June – Beijing 
Before the summer heat hits, maximise the (relatively) un-crowded state of Beijing with a trip to the bustling city in June. This chaotic and mesmerizing metropolis combines a long and fascinating history with a forceful modernity. By day it's all about the cultural treasures like the Summer Palace, whereas the nights should be reserved for enjoying the bright lights of the city. The third week of June in 2015 saw an average price of $110 per night, making it the top time to travel to China.

July – Sydney 
If you’re looking to invite friends or family to Sydney during 2016, July is the time to do it. It might be winter, but our subtropical climate sees blue skies and pleasant temperatures remain. Plus you get to enjoy the lowest accommodation rates of the year – leaving more money for all the five-star eating and drinking you'll be doing. Don't believe us? The second week of July 2015 saw average rates of $164, which is 44 per cent cheaper than the most expensive week of the year.

August – New York 
We've all heard about the famously hot and stuffy New York summers, but by late August the temperatures drop to a pleasant and comfortable average of around 23 degrees Celsius. The fact that the average price of four-star accommodation for the fourth week of August 2015 was $335 AUD, 39 per cent cheaper than peak season in September helps too. Need more convincing? While you’re there you can take a trip to the US Open and see the world’s greatest tennis stars in action.

September - Rome 
It’s unsurprising that Rome is rarely associated with cheap travel, as home to many of the world's most famous antiquities and one of its most beloved cuisines. But to avoid August’s soaring heat opt for the late summer temperatures and relaxed atmosphere of September. During the first week of September 2015, the average price of four-star accommodation was $185 AUD a night, 29 per cent lower than the city’s peak period in June.

October - Cape Town 
Cape Town in spring is a city in bloom. Temperatures hover around the mid-twenties and the days are lengthening. It's also the time to indulge in some whale watching, before taking in the views from Table Mountain. Accommodation pricing during the first week of October 2015 sat around $115 AUD, which represents a 36 per cent saving.

November – Rio de Janiero 
Spring in Rio brings sunshine, cheaper accommodation and fewer tourists. If you don’t mind missing the festival excitement of Carnival, November provides the perfect circumstances to visit Rio. And there's still plenty of music, multicultural events and energy in this famously vivacious city. In 2015, the average accommodation cost for the first week of November was approximately $145, keeping 31 per cent more cocktail dollars in your pocket.

December – Las Vegas 
For a getaway in the lead up to Christmas, Las Vegas is the place to be. This is a city with a 24-hour palpable party feel and endless shopping opportunities (presents for you, presents for everyone else too), and the third week of December 2014 was 60 per cent cheaper than the most expensive week of the year, with four star accommodation rates as low as $120 per night. Go live like a high roller.

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