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Japan now has a free multilingual call centre for Covid-19 vaccine inquiries

The hotline is open every day and covers eight languages including English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and more

Emma Steen

With the aim of accelerating the rollout for Covid-19 vaccines, the Japanese government is working to provide more resources for foreign residents in Japan in their native languages. In addition to translating necessary vaccine documents into 17 different languages, the government has now established a multilingual call centre for inquiries about Covid-19 vaccines. 

The hotline is a toll-free number and is open seven days a week. The available languages are: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese. 

Services in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish are available from 9am to 9pm daily. Thai operators are available from 9am to 6pm, whereas services in Vietnamese are available from 10am to 7pm. 

The call centre can be reached at the following number: 0120-716770

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