Meet Quaran, the official quarantine mascot of Japan

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

As many parts of the world are implementing some form of lockdown, self-quarantine or social distancing measures to fight the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, major cities in Japan including Tokyo are shuttering museums and attractions while also adjusting department store operating hours. People have also been advised to work from home and avoid rush hours on crowded trains to help contain the spread of the virus. 

This is where Quaran comes in. Of course Japan would have a mascot for quarantine. Although this cute mascot was created by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare before the coronavirus outbreak, there's no better time for it to shine than now. Quaran is identified as a small 'fairy' but appears in life-size when making public appearances. 

Quaran クアラン


Quaran's best feature is its back, which is shaped like the letter 'Q', obviously. It's created primarily to promote the work of the Quarantine Information Office, which is under the purview of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. The mascot is said to travel around the world to prevent illegal and dangerous items from making their way into Japan. Note Quaran's handy goggles, which help spot infectious diseases, prohibited food imports and other violations, while the shield is made to protect Japanese citizen from dangerous things.  

You'll most likely come across Quaran at the airport, especially near the entry points and arrival halls. For the time being, many trips have been cancelled and it's best to limit your travel to a minimum. Stay home as much as you can, practise social distancing and we'll all overcome this challenging time together. Stay safe, Tokyo.

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