This neighbourhood street near Shinjuku is one of the world’s coolest streets in 2022

The results of this year's Time Out Index survey have revealed that Kagurazaka is one of the world’s coolest streets

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We’ve got to admit: Tokyo is home to some pretty cool streets. From Harajuku's trendy Cat Street to Taito’s old-school Yanaka Ginza shotengai, there are so many places to explore in this great metropolis. And Tokyoites couldn’t agree more, as a Tokyo hotspot has just been ranked as one of the world’s coolest streets in 2022.

In addition to Tokyo being named one of the best cities in the world, the annual Time Out Index survey has revealed that the main avenue in the stylish Kagurazaka neighbourhood is Tokyo’s coolest street. This year's data was gathered from roughly 20,000 people worldwide, who shared their local insights to help determine the best cities, neighbourhoods and streets around the globe.

In the early twentieth century, Kagurazaka flourished as a geisha district. Today, however, the neighbourhood's bustling main street is lined with numerous shrines, restaurants, bakeries, European wine bars and Japanese tea shops. While it mainly functions as a shopping strip, the thoroughfare branches out to a host of tiny backstreets and narrow alleyways filled with discreet ryotei (exclusive Japanese restaurants) and even more things to discover. Visit at the right time and you’ll be able to catch one of the several annual events happening along the street, including a traditional Awa Odori dance festival and the Bakeneko (spooky cat) parade.

The next time you're in Kagurazaka, be sure to stop by Le Bretagne for French galettes and Otonari standing bar for sake paired with small sashimi platters. You should also check out Akagi Shrine, whose modern building was designed by Kengo Kuma. If you're looking to stay in the neighbourhood, book a night at Unplan, a modern hostel complete with a private Finnish sauna.

Tokyo’s a big city and that means there are countless streets to explore. If you’re looking for some other cool spots to check out, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite streets around the city.

See the full list of the 33 coolest streets in the world here.

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