Switch Coffee Tokyo K51/6
Photo: ©K5Switch Coffee Tokyo at K5
Koffee Mameya blog top2/6
Photo: Koffee Mameya
Coffee Wrights Kuramae3/6
Photo: Keisuke Tanigawa
Little Darling Coffee Roasters リトル ダーリン コーヒーロースターズ4/6
Photo: Kisa Toyoshima
Little Darling Coffee Roasters リトル ダーリン コーヒーロースターズ5/6
Photo: Kisa Toyoshima
Heart's Light Coffee6/6
Photo: Keisuke Tanigawa

The best coffee in Tokyo

Looking for the city's best coffee shops? Tokyo cafés range from boutique roasters to drip-coffee specialists and classic kissaten

By Time Out Tokyo Editors

Tokyo's coffee scene has undergone nothing short of a revolution in this decade. The capital is now one of the world’s great coffee cities, with more specialist shops than most people can hope to visit in a lifetime. We've once again spent a few over-caffeinated weeks trawling around the city in search of Tokyo's best coffee shops, and after much heated debate, have picked out our favourite local roasters, kissaten and cafés. Read on for our top picks, and start planning your café crawl through the capital. 

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Best coffee shops in Tokyo

Little Darling Coffee Roasters リトル ダーリン コーヒーロースターズ
Photo: Kisa Toyoshima

Little Darling Coffee Roasters

Restaurants Cafés Nogizaka

There’s a bright and sunny demeanour to Little Darling Coffee Roasters and it feels like you’ve been transported to California. This spacious café and roastery is part of the Share Green Minami Aoyama retail and event space, whose beautiful grounds feature repurposed warehouses and a manicured lawn. You can choose your preferred brewing method, be it American press or filter, and pair your coffee with snacks like Chinese-inspired bao sandwiches, coffee soft-serve and pastries...

Switch Coffee Tokyo K5
Photo: ©K5

Switch Coffee Tokyo K5

Restaurants Cafés Kayabacho

Situated to the left of the entrance to the hip K5 building, Switch Coffee feels like you’ve stepped into a green nursery, complete with a handful of small tables, free wi-fi and excellent coffee. Choose from single-origin drip coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino or an iced coffee with tonic water – an uncanny but surprisingly refreshing combination...

Heart's Light Coffee
Photo: Keisuke Tanigawa

Heart's Light Coffee

Restaurants Cafés Shinsen

Located in a quiet corner of Shibuya, Heart’s Light Coffee found a home in a clean, modern space and suffused it with great music courtesy of an extensive vinyl collection. One of the two owners also handmade a spinning coffee dripper, making it that much easier for the baristas to make pour-overs that are of consistent quality. Try the house blend called 'Heart's Merge' or go for the banana latte – there's also an 'iced' latte that contains no ice. It's simply cold milk topped with a shot of espresso, creating a photogenic layer effect with the black coffee floating on top of the white milk...

Toriba Coffee
Photo: Kisa Toyoshima

Toriba Coffee Ginza

Restaurants Cafés Ginza

The commercial hub of Ginza may be the last place you’d expect to find a local and independent coffee roaster, but Toriba Coffee is just that. A gorgeous golden-hued space of high ceilings and shiny chrome fixtures, this boutique coffee specialist makes a wonderful pitstop for freshly roasted beans as well as a caffeine boost at the tasting bar. The bar offers two of the six house blends daily for just ¥100 a cup (roast of the day or a single espresso) between 2pm to 7pm. Otherwise a cappuccino will set you back only ¥300...

Coffee Wrights Kuramae
Photo: Keisuke Tanigawa

Coffee Wrights Kuramae

Restaurants Cafés Asakusa

Out of Coffee Wrights’ four Tokyo locations – including Sangenjaya, Omotesando and Shibaura – the main roastery and café at Kuramae is the most unassuming of the lot. Look past its factory-like setting on the ground floor and head up to the café space on the second floor, where the minimalist cool vibe is made for lingering over coffee, pastries and free wi-fi. Have your pick from an ever-changing selection of six single-origin roasts and a Brazilian decaf, which carries toasty, caramelly notes reminiscent of almonds and dark chocolate. Both drip coffee and espresso-based drinks are available...

Drip Bar Coffee and Crafts
Photo: Keisuke Tanigawa

Drip Bar Coffee and Crafts

Restaurants Cafés Ebisu

Hidden down the backstreets of Ebisu, this charming space is everything you hope for from a quaint little neighbourhood coffee shop. It’s reassuringly homely, set in a remodelled house whose entrance is almost entirely covered up by lush leafy plants. It’s the perfect place to stay idle over coffee and cake (the gorgonzola cheesecake is a winner), but make sure to check out the second-floor gallery. Drip Bar focuses on single-origin varieties, and each cup of coffee is hand-dripped to order, using exclusive drippers made to fit just 15g of ground coffee at a time...


Coffeehouse Nishiya

Restaurants Coffeeshops Shibuya

An Italian-style bar and café run by the jovial and talented Kyohei Nishiya, this welcoming Shibuya spot has a laidback neighbourhood feel to it – not least due to the owner-barista's no-frills attitude and the fun, retro décor. Nishiya pulls a highly competent espresso, but his establishment's real charms lie elsewhere: try the excellent Espresso Banana milkshake or the heavenly creamy custard pudding...


Onibus Coffee

Restaurants Coffeeshops Nakameguro

Occupying a renovated, traditional-style home right by Nakameguro Station, the most interesting café in town run by Jiyugaoka-based roasters and bean importers Onibus is equipped with a shiny espresso machine and newly acquired roaster. Just don’t expect to linger – this is a very functional spot with minimal frills...


Good People & Good Coffee

Restaurants Coffeeshops Ikejiri-Ohashi

When you come to this small shop tucked in the side streets near Ikejiri-Ohashi Station, there are a few things you should expect: a warm welcome from barista Tomoshi Okamoto, friendly conversation, and delicious coffee that bridges a variety of genres. Good People & Good Coffee is small and intimate, and Okamoto uses the space and his coffee...

Paddlers Coffee

Restaurants Coffeeshops Yoyogi-Uehara

Importing beans from Portland’s famed Stumptown Coffee Roasters every week, Daisuke Matsushima’s Paddlers have been caffeinating shoppers at the Nishihara arcade since 2015. All beans are served fresh in french press or espresso form for the perfect flavour. Beans are also available by the bag, with their most popular roast being the Nano Challa from Ethiopia...


Koffee Mameya

Restaurants Coffeeshops Harajuku

For those still grieving the loss of Omotesando Koffee, this place is sure to bring respite. Opened by the same man, Eiichi Kunitomo, and located in the exact same place (albeit in a new building), Koffee Mameya is a bean specialist with enough shebang to turn you into a proper barista at home. As the focus is on selling beans, there's no place to sit down and drink, but regular coffee and espresso...


Bars and pubs Shibuya

A favourite of international style bible Monocle, the original Fuglen shop in Oslo, Norway is a blend of café, cocktail bar and vintage design boutique, where even the furniture is up for sale. Its Tokyo shop transplants the concept to a backstreet corner not far from Yoyogi Park. Fuglen Tokyo opens at 8am on weekdays, selling some remarkably good coffee during the daytime...


Glitch Coffee & Roasters

Restaurants Coffeeshops Jinbocho

At Glitch you get more than a mere cup of coffee with your order: you get to participate in a coffee vision steeped in history. Kiyokazu Suzuki’s shop is located in fashionably vintage Jinbocho, nestled amongst dozens of secondhand bookstores and just a stone’s throw from Yasukuni Shrine. The shop’s unassuming exterior belies the seriousness with which Suzuki, who spent a decade as chief barista...

The Roastery

Restaurants Coffeeshops Harajuku

Collaboratively run by the folks behind Nozy Coffee and restaurant impresarios Tysons (TY Harbor, Cicada, Ivy Place etc), this uber-hip roastery and café on Harajuku's Cat Street is one of the city's flashiest specialist coffee haunts. Every day, you'll get to choose from two kinds of single-origin beans...


Café de l'Ambre

Restaurants Coffeeshops Ginza

'Coffee Only' reads the sign outside Café de l'Ambre, which has been keeping the Ginza hordes well caffeinated since 1948. The kissaten was founded by the late Ichiro Sekiguchi, and the staff on-hand continue to run the shop under his legacy. Though they treat their coffee with the utmost seriousness, this isn't one of those fussy, killjoy coffee temples where conversation has to be conducted in furtive whispers and customers need a secret handshake to get through the door (we exaggerate, but only slightly)...

Café Obscura

Restaurants Coffeeshops Sangenjaya

Siphon coffee is the speciality at this Sangenjaya cafe, which looks like the kind of space you'd expect to find attached to a gallery or arthouse cinema, complete with exposed cement ceilings and walls and a well chosen library of art and design books. There are two blend coffees and a rotating selection of single-origin ones, with beans roasted – and sold – at a separate site...


Davide Coffee Stop

Restaurants Coffeeshops Iriya

Who knew Iriya had a place like this? Daisuke Matsushita's Davide is a very decent take on an Italian streetside café, sidestepping drip coffee entirely (simply because it takes too long to brew) and offering excellent espressos and lattes instead. Down yours at the counter or just get one to go – the man in charge of the machine doesn't care either way...

Satei Hato

Restaurants Coffeeshops Shibuya

Stepping through the low, marble-tiled entrance, the first thing you’ll notice is the gorgeous tableware displayed behind a long hardwood counter. That’s not to say that the surroundings here outshine the coffee – on the contrary, Satei Hato’s hand-drip offerings maintain the absolutely highest quality. Choose from up to eight varieties of charcoal-roasted beans and watch as the formally dressed staff prepare your treat with almost religious dedication...


Coffee Amp

Restaurants Coffeeshops Koenji

Tucked down a cosy shopping street in Koenji, Amp is run by a husband-wife duo who have been turning out carefully roasted beans and quality cups of coffee since 2010. The roaster is the first thing you'll notice on entering – space is at a premium in this narrow shop, with weathered floorboards and seats for just over a dozen people, none of them especially comfortable...

Arise Coffee Roasters

Restaurants Coffeeshops Kiyosumi

Located in coffee central, aka Kiyosumi-Shirakawa, Arise is the kind of place where you feel like you’re having a good ol’ cup of coffee at your friend’s house. The walls are covered with the owner’s skateboard decks which he’s collected over the years, and there’s a handful of trinkets from his travels to Thailand littered around the in-house roaster. As for the coffee, there are about ten single-origin varieties to choose from...


Amameria Espresso

Restaurants Coffeeshops Musashi-Koyama

Located on the ground floor of an apartment building close to Musashi-Koyama Station, certified cupping judge Toshiaki Ishii’s stylish neighbourhood shop merits a trip off the beaten track all by itself. We love the place’s impeccably friendly service, the languid atmosphere enjoyed by everyone from local hipsters to senior citizens and the fact that Amameria upholds a strict non-smoking policy...

Turret Coffee

Restaurants Coffeeshops Tsukiji

The chalkboard in front of Turret Coffee says ‘Welcome to the best outrageous coffee shop in Japan’. Named for the ‘turret’ mini-trucks that use to zip around nearby Tsukiji fish market, Turret Coffee and its owner Kiyoshi Kawasaki both pull and pour quality espresso, all in a funky, intimate space. Relax on one of the few ‘real’ seats or sit on the back of an actual turret as you chat with friends, or with Kawasaki himself...


4/4 Seasons Coffee

Restaurants Coffeeshops Shinjuku-Nichome

The perfect place for a coffee break in busy Shinjuku, 4/4 Seasons serves up a well-curated selection of single-origin beans roasted in house daily. Up at the front of the café you’ll be greeted by the roaster alongside tubs of beans – if you’re lucky enough, you can catch the staff in action, meticulously measuring and carefully roasting their beans all while keeping track of the process...

Lo Spazio

Bars and pubs Café bars Gakugei-Daigaku

Imagine a stereotypical neighborhood Italian bar transposed to the suburbs of Tokyo, and you might get something like Lo Spazio. It's one of those rare places where you can prop up the counter while sipping your espresso after work (or grappa, if it's got to that point in the evening), and even the slightly shabby décor is of a piece with the kind of places you might expect to find in a small town...

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