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Ashikaga Flower Park – cropped to size1/3
Photo: Ashikaga Flower ParkAshikaga Flower Park
Louis Vuitton Exhibition2/3
Photo: Louis Vuitton
Fuji Shibazakura Festival3/3
Photo: Fuji Shibazakura FestivalFuji Shibazakura Festival

Things to do in Tokyo this weekend

Time Out Tokyo editors pick the city's best events and exhibitions this weekend

By Time Out Tokyo Editors

Note: Due to Covid-19, events in the city are limitedStay informed with the latest updates here

Weekend plans? We're all anxious to get out and about after being cooped up at home for the last few months, and events in Tokyo have finally started to pick up again. We've compiled a list of the best events, exhibitions and places to check out in the capital on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Remember to keep praciticing social distancing and wash your hands regularly.

These events might close as Tokyo may go into a Covid-19 state of emergency. Please check event websites for the latest updates.


Our top picks this weekend

Ashikaga Flower Park, wisteria
Photo: Ashikaga Flower Park

Fujinohana Monogatari Ofuji Festival 2021

News City Life

Spring flowers have been blooming earlier than usual this year, and the wisteria are no exception. The annual Fujinohana Monogatari Ofuji Festival 2021 at Ashikaga Flower Park is set to be held ahead of schedule and will officially begin on Thursday April 15. The park is one of Japan’s top destinations for wisteria, boasting 350 trees which bloom from mid-April to mid-May. The stunning flowers are dangled from wooden trellises and feature violet, blue, pink, white and yellow blossoms...

Fuji Shibazakura Festival
Photo: Fuji Shibazakura Festival

Fuji Shibazakura Festival

Things to do Fuji Motosuko Resort,

While several flower festivals around Japan have been cancelled due to coronavirus, the annual Fuji Shibazakura Festival is still scheduled to run from April 17 to May 30 this year.

With its seemingly endless fields of shibazakura (pink moss) and views of majestic Mt Fuji on the horizon, it's no wonder that this annual spring festival out at Lake Motosu in Yamanashi typically attracts hordes of Tokyoites over Golden Week. In addition to strolling around the expansive flower fields, you can try themed foods like a Mt Fuji-shaped hanpen (fish cake), sakura jelly cider and a plethora of sweets made by a hotel patissiere. Visit the souvenir shop to take home snacks including Yamanashi’s famed shingen mochi wrapped in an exclusive pink Fuji shibazakura packaging...

Nemophila Hitachi Seaside Park
Photo: Hitachi Seaside Park

Nemophila at Hitachi Seaside Park

Things to do Hitachi Seaside Park,

Head up to Ibaraki's Hitachi Seaside Park from mid-April to early May and see a whopping 5.3 million 'baby blue eyes' – also known as nemophila – flowers in full bloom. The hilly grounds span 3.5 hectares and are almost completely covered with the little blue blossoms, making for a pretty spectacular sight. The current flowering forecast predicts that the blooms will be at their best between April 16 and 24, but they are still a magnificent sight if you catch them a bit earlier or even right after peak bloom...

Poppy Nemophila Season
Photo: Seibu Group

Poppy Nemophila Season at Kurihama Flower Park

Things to do Kurihama Flower Park, Yokosuka

The fields of Kurihama Flower Park in Yokosuka are covered in colourful poppies and nemophila blooms from April 10 to May 30. There are about one million poppy flowers here including Iceland poppies, California poppies and shirley poppies that bloom simultaneously starting in early April, covering 18,000sqm of of the park in bright pink, red, orange and yellow...

Louis Vuitton Exhibition
Photo: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton & Exhibition

News Art

Luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton has opened a free exhibition in Tokyo’s streetwear capital Harajuku, showcasing iconic designs as well as rare, one-of-a-kind collaborations from the brand's more than 160-year history.

Over ten rooms, Louis Vuitton & lets you peek inside the brand’s creative process and see how it went from founder Louis Vuitton’s monogrammed luggage to fashion powerhouse...

teamLab Reconnect
Photo: teamLab

teamLab Reconnect digital sauna

News Art

TeamLab Reconnect brings light art and digital projection to a whole new physical, and sweaty, level. Located in Roppongi, teamLab Reconnect combines a traditional sauna with the group’s otherworldly art. The exhibition consists of three areas designed to invigorate your senses: the sauna, a cold water bath for cooling off and the art bath...

Marvel Studios: A Universe of Heroes

Marvel Studios: A Universe of Heroes

Things to do Daimaru Tokyo, Marunouchi

Marvel fans can enjoy a special exhibition at Daimaru Tokyo, which has a collection of movie sets, props and statues from the ever-expanding roster of films, including Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and more. 

You won’t want to miss the chance to take a look inside Tony Stark’s lab filled with several generations of his Iron Man suits, plus the Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers Endgame...

Photo: teamLab, 'Forest of Resonating Lamps'

Spring flowers at teamLab Borderless Tokyo

News Art

The immersive digital art at teamLab Borderless in Odaiba is ever-changing as it adapts to how the museum visitors interact with the space. The cutting-edge museum is designed in such a way that no visuals will be repeated in the exact same way.

There’s more: while the artwork shifts continuously with viewer participation, it also changes along with the seasons. Starting March 1, the exhibits at teamLab Borderless will reflect the spring season with a fresh array of flowers and scenery...

Tokyo Tower Taiwan Festival
Photo: Tokyo Tower Taiwan Festival

Tokyo Tower Taiwan Festival

Things to do Tokyo Tower, Shiba-Koen

Travelling to Taiwan may not be on the cards right now, but you can feast on popular Taiwanese street food without leaving Tokyo at this weekend festival beneath Tokyo Tower. 

There will be enough xiaolongbao dumplings, you fan sticky rice, savoury soy milk soup, scallion pancakes and mango shaved ice to make you feel like you've walked into a Taipei night market, especially with the place decked out with ornate paper lanterns. Plus, keep an eye out for fortune telling stalls, games and souvenir stands, too...

Hanami at Konica Minolta Planetaria Tokyo
Photo: Konica Minolta Planetaria Tokyo

Hanami at Konica Minolta Planetaria Tokyo

Things to do Multiple venues

For a new kind of sakura experience, head to one of Tokyo’s three Konica Minolta planetariums (or planetaria, if you’re stickler for Latin roots) this spring. They are each offering 360-degree cherry blossom views and a special sakura drink. At the immersive dome theatre, you'll get to enjoy videos of cherry blossoms in ultra-high 4K or 8K resolution while you lay back on cosy cloud-like lounge sofas...

Tokyo Godzilla Museum Joypolis
Photo: Joypolis

Tokyo Godzilla Museum

Things to do Games and hobbies Joypolis, Odaiba

Visit indoor amusement park Joypolis Odaiba to experience the iconic scene of Godzilla attacking Tokyo right before your eyes. This temporary attraction allows you to watch a 3D projection of Godzilla overlayed on a physical 1/150-scale diorama of Tokyo. With the XR Magic Leap 1 headset, you’ll be able to see  Godzilla make his way through the city as he destroys each building...

Takashi Murakami Haha Bangla Manus 2020
The Bloodstone Public Collection Courtesy Gagosian With the cooperation of Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. ©2020 Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Roppongi Hills Takashi Murakami Project

News Art

You’ll have a new reason to visit Roppongi this holiday season as artist Takashi Murakami has taken over the Roppongi Hills complex. Known as the Roppongi Hills Takashi Murakami Project, the event features an over-the-top art installation, a flower-themed café and numerous opportunities to catch Murakami’s art...

Inside the Collector’s Vault 解き放たれたコレクション
Inside the Collector’s Vault 解き放たれたコレクション

Inside the Collector’s Vault vol.1

Art What, Tennozu

Contemporary art museum What hosts its first exhibition since opening in December 2020. It features about 70 artworks on loan from local collectors such as psychiatrist Ryutaro Takahashi who has a selection of pieces surrounding the theme of kakizome (the first calligraphy of the year). Some notable artists include Makoto Aida, Kei Imazu, Kazuki Umezawa and Enrico Isamu...

Kohei Nawa
Photo: 'Metamorphosis Garden' ©Kohei Nawa | Sandwich Inc.

Metamorphosis Garden

Art Ginza Six, Ginza

Suspended in the atrium of Ginza Six is the department store’s latest public art installation by Kyoto-based artist Kohei Nawa. The installation features a sculpture of a deer floating above clouds, a creature that has appeared at the centre of many of Nawa’s coveted works for its symbolic ties to Shintoism and ancient Japanese history. 

There is more to the installation than meets the eye, with a corresponding app you can download to see the work come to life through your smartphone...

鳥獣戯画 甲巻 平安時代 12世紀 京都・高山寺
鳥獣戯画 甲巻 平安時代 12世紀 京都・高山寺

National Treasure: Frolicking Animals

Art Tokyo National Museum, Ueno

‘Frolicking Animals’ (Choju-giga) is the title of a set of four picture scrolls created sometime between the mid-12th and early 13th centuries. Sometimes referred to as the first-ever work of manga, the scrolls depict anthropomorphic rabbits, frogs and other animals in various scenes, including being involved in Heian-period ceremonies and celebrations. Recently restored to their original glory, all four scrolls are displayed side by side at the Tokyo National Museum throughout summer at this exhibition, which is co-presented by the Japan Cultural Expo...

Mark Manders
Photo: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

The Absence of Mark Manders

Art Sculpture Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Kiyosumi

Dutch artist Mark Manders originally set out to be a writer before he found it was easier and more interesting to convey messages via three-dimensional objects. Taking into consideration the way objects dictate our way of thinking, Manders created a series of sculptures as self portraits frozen in time...

Steps Ahead
Photo: Artizon Museum

Steps Ahead

Art Artizon Museum, Kyobashi

This exhibition introduces the Artizon Museum’s recent acquisitions and consists of a total of 201 artworks, many of which are being exhibited for the first time. The collection covers a broad range of artistic movements, from highly prized abstract works by female artists to Australian Aboriginal art...

Out and About in the City
Photo: twitter.com/watarium

Rally in the Streets

Art Contemporary art Watari-Um Museum of Contemporary Art, Harajuku

This exhibition features both recent works by currently active artists as well as older pieces from the 1995 public art showcase Ripple Across the Water '95. The 1995 exhibition, which was held across 40 different venues, was organised in the wake of the Tokyo subway sarin gas attack to help restore a sense of hope to the city...

© “Tokyo Never Ending” by Louise Claire WAGNER
Photo: © “Tokyo Never Ending” by Louise Claire WAGNER

La Lumière pour L'Avenir

Art Myd Gallery, Minato

Not unlike some Impressionist paintings, the photographs at the Myd Gallery’s latest exhibition are centered on the depiction of light and its varied qualities. The two photographers featured are Kyoto-based Takeshi Sumi and Swiss-born Louise Claire Wagner; they both place light at the core of their latest works using a variety of techniques to capture their subjects and Tokyo’s urban landscapes...

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