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The 34 best restaurants in DC

The best restaurants in DC have recently garnered national attention, becoming destinations within America and beyond

By Holley Simmons and Stephanie Early Green |

There is a lot to consider when perusing through the best restaurants in DC: what cuisine are you in the mood for? Is there a specific neighborhood you're looking to visit? Chefs whose creations you'd like to taste? Are you searching for old-time classics or new restaurants that recently garnered national attention? 

That is all to say that the capital's culinary culture is varied and interesting, slowly ticking its way up the list of national gastronomical cities that foodies from all around the world should consider visiting. The best part? Tourists get to eat well and visit world-renowned attractions (White House! Martin Luther King Memorial!) and museums (National Air & Space Museum! National Archives!) while in town. 

Ready or not, food worthy of a President is ready to be served all across DC. 

Best restaurants in DC by cuisine

Pearl Dive
Photograph: Scott Suchman

Best seafood restaurants in DC

Desperately seeking seafood restaurants in DC? Peruse our list of the capital’s best restaurants specializing in oysters, crabs and fish. Since cocktails and oysters are a natural match, some of them double as standout bars. And let’s not forget the best spots for sushi.

Bob's Shanghai 66
Photograph: Courtesy Bob's Shanghai 66
Restaurants, Chinese

Best Chinese food in DC

Noodle o’clock? Dim sum time? Check out our guide to the best Chinese food in DC for fine dining and cheap eats.

The best sushi in DC
Photograph: Shutterstock

Best sushi in DC

Our guide to the restaurants serving the best sushi in DC, with killer specialty rolls and swimmingly fresh sashimi


Best American restaurants in DC

It’s only appropriate that the nation’s capital has an excellent array of American restaurants. From Capitol Hill power-broker canteens like Ted’s Bulletin to chic Georgetown steakhouses like Bourbon Steak, we round up the essential spots.


Best pizza in DC

From dollar slices to gourmet versions in the finest Washington DC restaurants, pizza is ubiquitous, but which places really stand out? When the craving strikes, see below for the best pizza Washington, DC has to offer. If you’re still craving more, consult our picks of the best Italian restaurants in DC.


Best Italian restaurants in DC

The best Italian restaurants in DC range from chef-focused trattorias to the city’s top spots for pizza. For more European flavors, check out our list of the 40 best Washington, DC restaurants.


Best Indian restaurants in DC

Authentic Indian food is a cuisine that tends to divide diners. Some are committed to the hunt for the best Washington DC restaurants serving dal, fiery chutneys, chat and thali, while others are content to munch dense samosas and neutered chicken tikka. Here are our picks for the best of the bunch.

Moby Dick House of Kabob
Photograph: Yasi Farazad Photography

Best Middle Eastern restaurants in DC

Whether you’re willing to travel for life-changing baba ghanoush, or you’d rather stick closer to home, we’ve found the best Middle Eastern restaurants in DC.


Best French restaurants in DC

French restaurants in the capital range from casual bistros to white-tablecloth temples of gastronomy, and serve everything from authentic classics to Gallic-accented American cuisine. For more European flavors, check out our list of the 40 best Washington, DC restaurants.


Best Thai restaurants in DC

The capital’s best Thai food goes beyond standard takeout fare. If you’re on the hunt for superior pad Thai, fiery curries or other authentic dishes, we’ve selected the best Washington, DC restaurants for regional Southeast Asian cuisine.

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