The 100 best bars and pubs in London

• 50 great pubs in the capital for those looking for the perfect pint • We also round up the 50 best bars in town, for classic cocktails, great wine and premium spirits • Check out our handy street map, which plots the best bars and pubs in London



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Drake and Morgan Bars

When looking for a drink in the capital there's no shortage of places to go as the city is littered with traditional pubs, wine bars and trendy hangouts. To help you find a place to drink that won't disappoint, our critics have rounded up their favourite 50 pubs and 50 bars in London. Find the best bars and pubs wherever you are in the capital with our guide to drinking in London by area.

The 50 best pubs in London

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The best pubs in central London

From gastropubs to capital boozers, find the best pubs in central London

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The best pubs in north London

If you're looking for a great pub in north London, check out our critics' picks

The best pubs in south London

Discover the best boozers located in the south of the capital

The best pubs in east London

Find the very best pubs in east London to quench your thirst

The best pubs in West London

In need of a pint? Then head over to one of our favourite boozers in west London

Map of London's best bars and pubs

Use our map of London's best bars and pubs chosen by our critics to plan your night out

The 50 best bars in London

Sensational cocktails at Lab

Sensational cocktails at Lab

Cocktail bars

Sup on some classic or sophisticated cocktails at one of London's best cocktail bars

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Cool bars

Cutting-edge cocktails and sophisticated surroundings. Check out the most trendy bars in the capital

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Hotel bars

London's hotels are also fantastic to drink in. Here are the top hotel bars in the city

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Wine bars

Red, white, sparkling, dry – whatever you fancy there are plenty of bars serving great wine in the capital

London's best...

Craft beer bars

US-style craft beers are becoming popular in London – and these are the best places to drink them

Real ale pubs

Bitters, milds, stouts and porters – cask-conditioned beer is a great London tradition

Football pubs in London

Don’t miss a kick – find out which pubs and bars in London

Beer shops

Find out where to buy the best bottled beer and ale in London

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Mckenzie M
Mckenzie M


Karaoke Night Wednesday 19/11, 
The City is London's financial district, home to big banks and bigger end-of-year bonuses. So it is unsurprising that the bars here cater to the suits and their expense accounts. Head further east and everything changes. East London was and still is, in the main, home to a thriving immigrant community as well as numerous artistic types. The drinking establishments here are quirkier, edgier and more eclectically urban in atmosphere.

For instance Rebecca's Karaoke Night is well set within the time and vibe though not as posh as Gentlemen are not allowed in with their Hats and cane. - what a shame.  What an experience i guess in future they may ask one to take off their Trouser.Sort and be rated till then 


This is a great list. My aim for 2015 is to tick every single one off the list!


The pubs on the outskirts of London are being erased, but you will still find some good pubs in central London. The pubs need to start fighting back to retain their status. Pubs Reloaded.



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