Best things to do in New York this fall: your guide to the city

Find the best things to do in New York City each autumn, including the biggest seasonal events, autumn-only activities and more.



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  • Photo opportunity  Three museum shows make up a primer on the rise of the camera as a serious artistic tool.

  • A room of one’s ownNot content with just a show at MoMA, Lucy McKenzie is redesigning the gallery space itself.

  • The odds What headlines will the press use to describe “Andres Serrano: Shit”?


  • Watch your language Three riveting foreign books are finally available in English.

  • Missive impossible Novelist Michael Kimball reinvents the suicide note.

  • Pretty scary Kelly Link may be afraid of the dark, but pigeonholes don't freak her out.

  • The odds How many people will care about Savannah Knoop’s book about becoming JT LeRoy?


  • Bring the noise! This season, superstar soprano Renée Fleming claims the city as her own, rocking the Met and appearing on the side of a bus near you.

  • Feel the Bern Leonard Bernstein was this city. A new fest proves he was a whole lot more, too.

  • The Odds Will Columbia frat boys actually like Xenakis’ Oresteia?


  • If you book it, they will come...The team behind the techrotastic Minimoo parties is counting on a slew of top DJs to bring the crowds to the first ever Minitek fest.

  • Long live the King! NYC's rulin' house-music label solidifies its reign with a 15th-anniversary celebration.

  • The odds Will the messianic DJ pose ever die?


  • Seriously funny A trio of comics mine the dark side for laughs.

  • Mock star Fancy a typical comedy festival? Go someplace else.

  • Anything goes Ars Nova’s first festival defies definition.

  • The odds Will Jamie Kennedy’s documentary make you feel bad for him?



  • A matter of taste The first annual Wine & Food Festival is about to get cooking all over town. Will New Yorkers be satisfied with a Miami Beach import?

  • Wine & Food Fest The game

  • Industrial revolution Food manufacturers edge their way back to Brooklyn—with a modern artisanal twist.

  • Open season Where you’ll be eating this fall (and where you wouldn’t be caught dead).


  • Tough Break The Wire’s meanest thug tries to make it beyond the box.

  • Smile for the camera Happy-Go-Lucky star Sally Hawkins turns in an Oscar-worthy role, playing the most unusual character: a content one.

  • Nuclear options Family meltdowns heat up the fall.

  • Political Discourse Three upcoming portraits of famous figureheads bend the rules.

  • The odds How much will the new Bond theme song suck?


  • Retro Perspective Soul visionary Raphael Saadiq revisits classic black pop on his new album, The Way I See It.

  • M-I-C-K-E-Y M-U-S-I-C From deep inside the Disney castle comes the tunes that are guaranteed to have you humming—or drive you crazy—this fall.

  • Opposites attract Are you always at the same old shows, with the same people and the same sound? Stop it.

  • The odds Can the new TV on the Radio album spark a change in hipster facial hair?


  • Watched man Patrick Wilson leads the acting heavyweights—plus one infamous newbie—in All My Sons on Broadway.

  • Vice Squad Experimental theater outfit Radiohole is growing up, but not too much—the group is still getting wasted and naked onstage.

  • Brave new worlds Craig Lucas isn’t content to stay in his place.

  • British intelligenceThe British are mental for Billy Elliot, but will Broadway audiences get the thick accents?

  • The odds Will Brian d’Arcy James get beyond the Gumby jokes?

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