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The spookiest haunted houses in NYC

Scream your way through the spookiest haunted house in NYC, filled with zombies and things that go bump in the night

Photograph: Courtesy John Huntington
Haunted House NYC: Gravesend Inn

It’s the freakiest time of year and we couldn’t be more excited! Get all your thrills and chills at these horrifying haunted houses, filled with the monsters of your nightmares. If you want to know just what you’ll be getting yourself into, check out our exclusive first look at this year’s gory Blood Manor, our #1 scariest haunted house in NYC, and check out the best Halloween parties and Halloween events to get you in that creepy mood.

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Haunted houses in NYC


Blood Manor

Garish zombies, monsters and other ghoulish creatures await in this 5,000-square-foot labyrinth of horrors, deemed too scary for children under 14 to enter without supervision. Pass through themed rooms such as the Vestibule of the Undead and the Banquet of Torture. It’s popular, so lines are likely to be long—consider shelling out for an “R.I.P.” express-access ticket.

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Blood Manor , Downtown Friday September 30 2016 - Saturday November 5 2016

New York Haunted Hayride

The haunted attraction that's been making waves in L.A. for the past seven years finally makes its way to New York! Ten Thirty One Productions (of Shark Tank fame) created this gripping haunted attraction located at Randalls Island Park. Expect to see ghostly apparitions, psycho clowns, demonic possessions and more. Not for the faint of heart, the New York Haunted Hayride is all set to terrorize those who dare to enter.

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Randalls Island Park , Randall's Island Thursday October 13 2016 - Monday October 31 2016

The Ride Inspector's Nightmare

Vocal innovator Zero Boy brings his Police Academy–style sound effects to this bloody interactive show about an 80-year-old man reliving his past through drug-induced nightmares. Prepare for a Jackson Pollockesque splattering of blood, guts and sickening sounds at this violently fun show written and directed by Dick Zigun.

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Fri Oct 9 - Sun Nov 1

Gravesend Inn Haunted Hotel

New York’s most high-tech haunted house is not only truly terrifying, it also has an educational element. Every year, students in City Tech’s Theatreworks program produce the attraction from the ground up, with skeleton pirates, talking paintings and a grisly bathroom. Participants trigger the hotel’s spooky surprises with a series of hidden sensors that respond to the audience’s movements.

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Thu Oct 22 - Sat Oct 31

The Jekyll & Hyde Club

You've probably heard the tale of Jekyll and Hyde, but did you know the doctor's haunted abode is open to you (at your own risk, of course)? Explore his home and try not to flinch (or spill your drink) as actors reenact the many spooky and mysterious moments of Dr. Jekyll's story.

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Midtown West

Times Scare

This horror-themed venue just off Times Square debuted in fall 2011, and it's the only haunted house in New York open year-round. If you survive the haunted house, you can stick around for Scaryoke, Dead Sexy Burlesque or performances from Nightmare Bros. Circus. Calm your nerves with a drink in the Kill Bar.

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Hell's Kitchen

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