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The spookiest haunted houses NYC has to offer

Scream your way through these terrifying haunted houses—NYC is full things that go bump in the night

Photograph: Courtesy Michael Sharkey

It’s the freakiest time of year and we couldn’t be more excited to scream our guts out at one of the scariest haunted houses NYC has to offer. Get all your thrills and chills at these horrifying venues, filled with monsters from your worst nightmares. If you want to know just what you’ll be getting yourself into, check out a video from the ever-gory Blood Manor (it’s our number one pick for the scariest haunted house in NYC). Haunted houses may pack plenty of frights, but if you’re looking to get shaken to your core this season, check out these immersive experiences and “microtheaters,” at which you’ll join a handful of participants—and go off-script to determine your own fate in the story. We also have the best Halloween parties and Halloween events to get you in that creepy mood. If immersing yourself in the world of goblins and ghouls is too much for you, try staying home and watching one of the best horror movies on Netflix instead.

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Spookiest haunted houses in NYC


Blood Manor

Garish zombies, monsters and other ghoulish creatures await in this 5,000-square-foot labyrinth of horrors, deemed too scary for children under 14 to enter without supervision. Pass through themed rooms such as last year's scares: The Crypt (where no one rested in peace) and Hannibal’s Hell (with 1,000 ways to die). It’s popular, so lines are likely to be long—consider shelling out for an “R.I.P.” express-access ticket.

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Fri Nov 3 - Sat Nov 4

This Is Real

Psycho Clan and Timothy Haskell, the folks behind Nightmare Haunted House, bring back their immersive horror experience, a simulated abduction that drops you into a warehouse with seven other people and one murderous lunatic. You and your fellow victims must scramble to stay alive in this 70-minute exercise in terror. Look alive, or you soon won't be.

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Until Sun Dec 31

Gravesend Inn Haunted Hotel

New York’s most high-tech haunted house is not only truly terrifying, it also has an educational element. Every year, students in City Tech’s Theatreworks program produce the attraction from the ground up, with skeleton pirates, talking paintings and a grisly bathroom. Participants trigger the hotel’s spooky surprises with a series of hidden sensors that respond to the audience’s movements.

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Thu Oct 19 - Tue Oct 31

I Survived the Room: Toxico Sanatorium

Welcome to Toxico Sanatorium: We hope you survive the experience! You’ll find yourself chained and shackled three rooms deep in a grim asylum, and will have to solve clues and outpace a cast of mad scientists to get out with your wits intact.

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Until Sat Dec 30

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