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5 Places to Smoke the Shisha
Time Out

5 Places to Smoke the Shisha

This Middle Eastern ritual symbolises friendship and community and is a popular pursuit in Accra. Keeping up with the trend, Metteliva Sofia Henningsen puffs on the pipe.

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Daniel Neilson
It's pretty relaxing, puffing on a pipe and hearing the bubbles rumble. Smoking a shisha has been trendy in Accra for a while now and is a is a chilled way to end a hectic day.
Here is Time Out Accra's list of outdoor venues to enjoy the shisha under the starry sky.
Munch on brick-oven pizza and watch Osu at night, while smoking a shisha.
On a side street to Oxford, near Ring Road E roundabout, this is the always a happening shisha spot. 
Consisting of an elegant outdoor eating area, an indoor bar (almost always with a DJ spinning some discs), and a delightfully rustic ‘tree house’, this place has carved its way into Ghanaian nightlife. 
Address: 14th Lane, off Oxford Street, Osu, Accra, Ghana‬‬
Hours: Open daily from 6pm to very late
Lord of the Wings (Cantonments and East Legon)
With stylish decorated terraces complete with soft cushioned sofas, these spacious bar/restaurants in both Cantonments and East Legon, have it all.  A perfect spot for shisha-smoking on outside patios, for wings, beer and football or a quick bite. 
Address: Fourth Circular Road, Cantonments, Accra + East Legon
Hours: Noon-11.30pm daily
This popular Labone eatery houses a sports bar and lounge, as well as a main restaurant with a teppanyaki bar. Their pleasant outdoor patio invites customers to sit back and exhale the sweet smoke from a shisha pipe.
Food in the café area starts from 7am with breakfast, and is open until late serving salads, fajitas, platters and all manner of chicken dishes.
Hours: Open 9am-12.30am Mon-Thur, Sun; 9am-2.30am Fri, Sat. Lounge 12.30-11.30pm Mon-Thur, Sun; 12.30pm-12.30am Fri, Sat.
Feast upon the delicious food and finish off with a round of shisha. This is an open-air restaurant with authentic and tasty Turkish food. There is also a play area for the kids.
Address: 6 Lagos Avenue, Accra 
Opening hours: Open 11am-10.30pm daily
Hide away from the city under Bosphorus' large covered patio and enjoy the rythmic sound of water bubbles. 
This restaurant has two floors and is serves traditional Turkish food, with a few nods to other international cuisines. Things start early in the day with the expansive ‘Pasha’ breakfast, then move on to sandwiches, pittas, kebabs and meat dishes. This place is alcohol-free, but shisha pipes are available around the clock.
Address No 127, sector 18, Labone, Accra 
Opening hours: Open 11am-midnight
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