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Accra's best new restaurants

It's an incredible time to eat in Accra right now. Here's some reasons why

Urban Grill

There's never been a better time to eat in Accra. New restaurants are opening all th etime and the older ones just keep getting better. Here's some of the best new openings over the last couple of years

The best new restaurants in Accra

The Counter

Have you gone through sleepless nights wondering whether the crab cake would ever make it into a burger, you can finally lean back and relax.  A new kid is in town: The Counter: Custom Built Burger, a US franchise has opened an outlet in Accra Mall.   Guests create their own culinary burger experience by checking off from an impressive list of fresh ingredients on a clipboard menu. There is a five-step process where you can choose from beef, chicken or veggie burger (or the crab cake), a selection of eight kinds of cheese, four toppings and sauce. Toppings range from grilled pineapple to roasted corn and black bean salsa, while sauces include a horseradish aioli, mango chutney and – for a couple of extra cedis - premium guacamole. The decision-making doesn't stop there; for the everlasting traditional burger side dish, select either shoestring or sweet potato fries – or why not mix both. Those counting carbs and calories can opt for a bun-less burger of mixed baby greens instead.  With thousands of combinations, The Counter has made sure to cater to every diet imaginable: paleo, vegan, gluten-free – you name it. Burger lovers could, feasibly, dine here every week for the rest of their lives, and still not try everything on the menu.  Dominating a corner of Accra Mall, this modern industrial design restaurant features concrete floor, wooden desk, Formica furniture and modern lighting. If the culinary skyscrapers aren’t enough, the menu also has dessert including apple crum

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Gold Coast Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Welcome to The Gold Coast Restaurant & Cocktail Bar. Decorated with lots of nostalgic pictures and pieces on the walls that take you back in time. Freshly cooked seafood, grilled dishes and pizza are on offer and an integrated cocktail bar area that provides friendly, attentive service.

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Simret: Taste of Ethiopia

Simret: Taste of Ethiopia is located in the quiet Roman Ridge area of Accra It is set out as a buffet allowing you to try home-cooked Ethiopian dishes such as Dor Wot, chicken with a stew made with home made spices, sega wot, cubed beef slow cooked with hot pepper and spices and njerja, originally named for 'teff', an Amharic word for grain. 

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Imperial Peking

This well-known Chinese restaurant has opened up another branch near Koala in Airport. Pristine and clean-cut, the interior decoration is atmospheric and rivals not only the taste of the usually delicious food, but competes with the remarkable presentation as well. Ideal for business lunches or small parties, private rooms can be booked. 

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The Chop Bar

Enjoy authentic Ghanaian cuisine in a modern atmosphere at The Chop Bar. With all the mouthwatering Ghanaina dishes on the menu, you won't be disappointed. Reasonably priced and with great service, the Chop Bar is a great lunch spot.  Be sure to visit. Its Chop Time! You're Invited!

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Kona Cafe & Grill

Welcome to Kona Cafe & Grill, offering excellent quality, freshly cooked local food and grills. Kona Cafe & Grill describes itself as a main stream casual restaurant with an integrated cocktail bar area that provides friendly, attentive service in a relaxed environment by staff and owners that truly enjoy their job. You can also find their ''Ab3asi'' bar serving the palm wine, pito, asaana and other local drinks.

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Cactus Moon Bar - Urban Grill

The Cactus Moon Bar is an oasis in a sea of concrete wishing the airport city. With grass covered walls and a long wooden table, you can't help but feel you could be anywhere in the world.    The fusion menu reminds you that you are in Accra however. With a selection of starters ( the pork belly is must try) and mains using local ingredients such as plantain, tilapia, cassava fish, the choices are delicious. If you have room try one of their fabulous desserts. For a three course meal, value for money, including drinks, service and overall atmosphere.   

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Lord of the Wings

Lord of the Wings is a contemporary casual diner specialising in chicken wings and customisable burgers. With a full-fledged diner menu, Lord of the Wings is a one-of-a-kind single-item specialty restaurant. Enjoy the wings traditional, grilled or boneless tossed in one of the 15 different sauces. The food is complemented with shareable appetizers, crisp salads, signature platters and gourmet burgers. Their  menu has a wide range of variety. It can be found in West Hills Mall, Kasoa Weija Road, 233 Accra, Ghana. 

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Cafe Kwae

Café Kwae is an all day café/restaurant founded by Yvette Nana Ama Ansah and inspired by her love of good, simple food and her passion for travel. The aim is to create a casual space where you can grab a cup of freshly ground coffee or cold-pressed juice before work, sample a menu of fresh, simply made lunch fare, or meet up with friends and family over a long, drawn out evening meal (with loads of wine!). Oh! Be sure to indulge in the selection of tasty home-made desserts when you come in. 

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Airport City

The Neem Grill

The Neem Grill is an intimate outdoor restaurant & bar specializing in a variety of grilled meats, fish, seafood, and vegetables. The focus is on good quality produce, free-range meats, and fresh seafood. The outdoor space is a green oasis to be discovered! Trees, well-nourished lawns, modern woodwork, and an all-round welcoming and Zen atmosphere is equally a strong focus.  

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