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Best roast duck and goose rice in Bangkok

We gather you the best old-school roast duck and goose rice in town

Aromatic rice served with braised duck and goose with homemade sauce and hot broth is something we need. This old-school dish is one of the favorite steet food amongs the Thais when they need something easy for their lunch.

Chua Kim Heng

This 100-year-old family-run eatery specializes in five-spice braised goose. Using only the freshest and meatiest bird, Chua Kim Heng simply and slowly cooks a whole goose in a traditional five-spice broth with low heat.

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Suan Luang

Boon Ek

This old-school shop house on Thanon Chan is known for braised goose doused in Chinese-style herbal soup. Come early to avoid the queue.

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Tang Hong Potchana

This shophouse eatery boasts a 50-year-old signature: Chinese-style stewed goose and giblets. Slices of well-seasoned goose in sweet gravy are served with a small bowl of rice. 

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