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13 best restaurants to enjoy 'khao chae' in Bangkok

We list down our favorite restaurants offering the best khao chae, a traditional Thai dish serving in the hot summer months

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The Thai Meteorological Department has just announced that Thailand was moving into the summer season. Cringe. A moment while we whack our heads against the wall and start putting aside money to pay for our soon-to-become-exorbitant electricity bills. Foodies, however, see this season as the chance to feast on their favorite Thai summer dish, khao chae

Khao chae is a traditional Thai dish usually served during the hot summer months. Refashioned from a Mon dish a few hundred years ago, khao chae is steamed rice soaked in jasmine-scented water and served with mix-ins such as luk krapi (deep-fried shrimp paste balls), hom daeng yud sai (deep-fried shallots and shredded pork), prik yuak sod sai (egg-wrapped steamed green chili stuffed with minced pork) and moo foi (sweet shredded pork). The more toppings added, the merrier. Khao chae was, in the past, eaten only in the royal court and at the homes of the affluent because it required fine ingredients, culinary craft and a lot of time. Today, however, khao chae has become more common and is offered at many restaurants around town.

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What’s special about it? The name Spice Market ensures that you will get the taste of all essential condiments that complement the refreshing rice in jasmine water.

How much is it? B580++ per set

Available until April 15. For reservation and information, contact 0 2126 8866.

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What’s special about it? TAAN has created its own version of khao chae with “scrubbed” jasmine rice soaked in Korat osmanthus green tea and jasmine-infused water. The side dishes are totally different from others, with new condiments like lacto fermented lychee, crispy shredded chicken, and chilli smoked oyster, not to mention lobster stuffed in green chilli.

How much is it? B490 per set for both dining-in and takeaway

Available from April 1 in limited numbers. For reservation and information, contact 06 5328 7374.

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  • Phloen Chit

What’s special about it? The khao chae experience here is wrapped up with all-time favorite Mango Sticky Rice to reinforce the summer happiness.

How much is it? B590++ per set (including drinks) and B790++ per set (including drinks and Mango Sticky Rice)

Available from April 30. For reservation and information, contact 0 2687 9000.

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