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The 50 best restaurants in Barcelona: Basque cuisine

Our pick of the five best restaurants in Barcelona to sample seafood, pintxos, and meats done in the style of the Basque Country

The best restaurants in Barcelona for Basque cuisine


Enthusiasts of fine Basque cuisine will love this place. A cosy restaurant in Gràcia. The dishes of the day are read out (and in a Basque accent) by the owner, Miguel. The highlights include the excellent T-bone steak, the hake nape and a range of starters such as clams, squid and their unbeatable cod omelette.

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A must for anyone exploring Basque cuisine in Barcelona. Chef Javier Gorría produces veritable delights such as mango salad with lobster, 'perretxikos' scrambled eggs and Araitz-style squab.

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Big fans of good food already consider Igueldo to be a model for traditional cuisine with a modern flair, and they're pleased to find that it's not too over-the-top or pretentious. The cooking, with a strong Basque flavour, is expertly overseen by Gonzalo Calvete, and the other owner, Ana López, is a splendid sommelier and hostess. This place will always put you in a good mood, thanks to the simple, elegant décor, including a bright hardwood floor and white walls and columns. The back is available for reservations of up to 10 people. Ana and Gonzalo, with backgrounds in big restaurants, live up to the high expectations they created for this one.

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L'Antiga Esquerra de l'Eixample

Taktika Berri

If you ask fans of Basque restaurants, many will tell you that Taktika Berri is possibly the best in Barcelona, and their pintxos have a lot to do with their reputation. The cooks hail from San Sebastián and serve up some 25 different pintxos, hot and cold. They're classic and simple: cod omelette, sausage, battered hake, an unsurpassed cod with pepper... And since you have to elbow your way to the bar to get the much-coveted hot pintxos, we recommend a cold speciality: the scrambled egg with red peppers and garlic.

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IRATI Taverna Vasca

When people talk about where the best pintxos are, the phrase 'haute cuisine in miniature' often comes up. And after 15 years in the business, Irati most definitely tops the rankings in this field. Restaurant manager Alex Monjas says that each of their pintxos has at least four ingredients, and that they have carefully studied the best ways to combine all of them. The elongated bar, free of stools, is topped by some 50 varieties of tapas, both hot and cold. On a good night they can dish up 600. A marvel among them is a hot tapa made of scorpionfish cake on a base of sour cream and egg. And definitely try the slice of bread that becomes a tiny empire of sobrassada sausage, with honey, apple and crispy Idiazabal cheese.

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El Gòtic