The 5 best flaming cocktails in Chicago

Chicago's tiki spots will always be the top dogs for flaming drinks, but we found a few others to check out

Photograph: Kailley Lindman

Whether it's a bit of tiki flair or charred garnish, Chicago's got a few flaming cocktails up its sleeve. Check out a new neighborhood, a new cocktail bar or one of the best cocktail bars in the city with one of Chicago's great fiery drinks.

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Flaming cocktails

Tic-Tac-Taxi at Lost Lake

The shareable version of Lost Lake's Tic-Tac-Taxi is a refreshing tiki sipper, with a flaming lime and twisty straws. The rum flows strong, complemented by coconut, passionfruit and lime. Snag a seat and a few friends and get to work on this fruity cocktail. $24.

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Zombie at Three Dots and a Dash

This large-format tiki drink comes in a massive skull glass filled to the brim with a fruity punch with a cinnamon kick that proves a crowdpleaser. Set for 3–4 people (or you know, more with supplemental cocktails), the long straws and fiery lime paired with the surroundings of Three Dots and a Dash make you feel like you might have just been transported away from Chicago. $65.

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River North

Social Bandit at Annex

Technically, this one doesn't come to you flaming, but it's okay because the taste makes up for it. This no-frills cocktail is served in a lowball with big flavor. It's finished with a spritz of flaming absinthe and packed with golden rum, blanco tequila, mescal, strawberry wine liqueur, vanilla, black peppercorn and Angostura bitters. Between the strawberry and golden rum, this tangy drink is one that we certainly can't get enough of. $16.

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Smoke on the Water at Nellcôte

Flaming rosemary is one of the best and easiest ways to incorporate flame into cocktails. The oils burn, giving the herb a smoky but herbal scent. Pair this with the cocktail that's filled with mescal, hibiscus, watermelon, Cointreau and lime and you've got a refreshing summer sipper with a nice mescal agave bite. $13.

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West Loop

The Promontory Paloma at the Promontory

Incorporating fire in the most interesting way, the Promontory Paloma is a grapefruit-bitter and citrus-packed drink made with charred grapefruits, which are turned into soda. It's fizzy, packed with tequila and reposado and has an amazing smell from the citrus garnish and mint. Stick us on the patio and we'll sit here all day with a carafe of this. $10 glass, $36 carafe.

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Hyde Park