Weekend getaways from Chicago

From far-flung adventures to family trips, here's everything you need to plan your weekend getaways from Chicago

By Laura Rote

Posted: Tuesday May 17 2016

Photograph: Indiana Dunes National Park
Indiana Dunes National Park

Weekend getaways from Chicago are our reward for making it through week after week with hardly any complaining. While we can't always hop on a plane to Maui or even make the shorter escape to Philadelphia, we can almost always find time for a weekend away. Chicago's central location means we're just a day's drive from exploring new farmers markets, craft beer destinations and other great spots for finding regional foods. Whether you're looking for a long weekend spent hitting restaurants and bars, a relaxing staycation or a kid-friendly getaway, we've got you covered with itineraries for making the most of your adventure.

Weekend getaway ideas from Chicago

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