The newest pop-ups in Tel Aviv

Seasonal craft fairs, bespoke cocktails, and a fried sandwich too decadent for words

Spring Market
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By Jennifer Greenberg |

We promise, you’re not dehydrated and that Asian-Israeli sabich stall nestled behind the Carmel Market with the giant panda logo on it is not, in fact, a mirage. Neither is that bespoke cocktail bar on Dizengoff Street that feels and tastes just like NYC, nor the craft market lining the walls of Florentin’s Teder. Pop-ups are an occult occurrence spreading like wildfire across Tel Aviv and Israel at large right now. As fast as they swoop in – taking the country by storm with the most delicious food trends, beverages, clothing, records, and even shaves(?) known to man – they disappear just as quickly, without leaving a trace. Don’t blink! Make sure to catch these pop-ups before they’re gone forever.

Pop-up paradise

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Pop-up party: Mulberry

Usually the words “three-step program” don’t invoke the most positive associations; however, for Jasper Soffer, founder of the Mulberry Project, this is not the case. His three-step program comes in the form of a create-your-own-cocktail menu that invokes nostalgia, individuality, creativity, and comfort. Check out his pop up cocktail bespoke inside Jasper Johns until the end of September

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Pop(corn)-up: Jaffa's free outdoor cinema

June's free outdoor movie screenings at Gan HaPisga were a hit, reeling in hundreds of moviegoers each week. So much so that the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality, the Department of Performances, and the Old Jaffa Development Company, together with the "Third Ear," decided to continue the screening series through July. 

Panda Pit
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Pop-up panda: Panda Pita

icon-location-pin Shuk  HaCarmel

This Shuk HaCarmel popup stand gives you another reason to look forward to Fridays. Their take on Sabich relies on Asian cookware—they use bamboo steamers to cook the eggplant to a juicy pulp, and to keep the pita moist and fresh. The result is a sublime fusion of flavors (and cultures). If your diet calls for more protein, try the second offering on their two-item menu: the equally juicy ceviche sandwich. Hidden behind the overstuffed main Shuk area, this magical Sabich stand appears from thin air every Friday, then disappears just as quickly as it came. You may question whether the men in the panda hats serving you that pocket of pure joy ever truly existed. Guess you’ll have to return next Friday and see...

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Pop-up promenade: Food Truck Disco

Between outdoor markets and indoor food halls, you might think Israel has every type of market covered, until now.   Food Truck Disco Tel Aviv, Israel’s first outdoor food truck market on the promenade facing Frishman Beach promises a rotation of 9 food trucks serving up international street fare, and one truck designated for drinks. Every weekend this summer, Thu 16:00-02:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-02:00.

NEU Table
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Pop-up plates: NEU Table

icon-location-pin Herzliya

NEU Table is a Kosher tapas spot, serving up Spanish-style bites with the freshest ingredients from the Carmel Market. The chef behind the endeavor, Jacob Morrison, brings experience from nearly a decade of cooking at notable Israeli restaurants to this delicious new venture, and seeks to deconstruct classic dishes with international flavors. Look no further than Herzliya to dine on delicious tuna tartar, fresh vegetable slaw, and other seasonal offerings.

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Pop-up perfection: Zalabia

icon-location-pin Shuk  HaCarmel

Just because they’re the new kid on the block doesn’t mean they’re not a force to be reckoned with. This new hot spot is serving up scrumptious rump steak sandwiches, need I say more? I must because that’s just the start. What makes them unique is the special deep fried bread they use called Zalabia. This cloud of carby goodness is fixed with all the works, hand carved rump steak, an aioli like you’ve never tasted before, arugula and cheese. The only way to understand just how special this steak sandwich is is to experience one for yourself. The perfect shuk snack.

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